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11.11 Shopping tips with Dentopia

With 11.11 just around the corner, here are 3 things that you can do to maximize the savings on this BIGGEST online shopping days!

 STEP 1: Add to cart 

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Once sign in, you can add to cart the products you wish to buy, so that later you dont have to find it again. Plus can have a better summarized view too!


 STEP 2: Update your profile 

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Update your profile now so later you don't have to. It save your time and prevent you from type in wrong shipping address later when you in a hurry~



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Who doesn't like discount and savings right?! Enjoy the big day with Dentopia! Claim all these promo codes now and use on 11.11 for the maximum value !!! 

Save these promo codes and use it on Dentopia website during the campaign to get the respective discount!

Each code only have limited time of use so be fast before you miss the chance!!

 DENTO3 - 3% Discounts 
 DENTO8 - 8% Discounts 
 DENTO15 - 15% Discounts 

To enjoy the discount on our website,

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Terms and Conditions:

1. Promocodes only valid from 11th ~ 12th November 2020.
2. Promocodes are not valid for other promotional items and face masks.
3. Promocodes are not exchangeable for cash.
4. Promocodes can only be used through online ordering.
5. Promocodes can be used multiple times unless it stated "error" during checkout, means it is fully claimed.
6. Please note that Dentopia has the rights to change the contents of the terms and conditions without prior notice.