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Disposable Dental Bibs (2 Ply Tissue +1 Ply Poly) 100'S

Best Dental Bibs for Optimal Absorbency and Barrier Protection

The dental bib is an ideal protective measure for your patients. These bibs are made with 2 ply tissue and 1 ply poly; our dental bibs offer effective protection against fluid splashes or spills that may happen during surgery. Combing the 2 types of material into one product not only provides optimal absorbency. It also prevents cross-contamination since the poly backing is sealed by a vacuum-packed sealing system, unlike conventional tags, which results in torn tags that can harbour bacteria inside them after they've been ripped off.


There are also 100 pieces per bag, with 5 bags per carton. This product is very light weighted, which makes transporting and storage easy. It is disposable, which means it can be thrown away after use for hygiene purposes. The product comes in a variety of colours to choose from, including pink dental bibs, depending on the clinic's preference. 


These dental bibs protect patients from getting wet and reduce anxiety from them, which will, in turn, result in more successful surgery.


Why Buy This: 

  • 2-ply tissue: absorb better for fluid splashes.
  • 1-ply poly: prevents patient's clothes from getting wet.
  • Poly backing and vertical embossing
  • Optimal absorbency and barrier protection 
  • Variety of colours to choose


46 cm (L) x 33 cm (W)


  • 100 pcs/bag , 5 bags/carton
  • 125 pcs/bag , 4 bags/carton

How to Choose the Right Dental Bibs

Dental bibs are a necessary accessory to have in the dental office. To protect the patient's skin from getting wet and irritated by water or saliva, you should use a bib before commencing any procedure. The most important thing with using a bib is ensuring you choose one that offers optimal absorbency for the fluid splash. 


This is important because if the bib was not absorbent enough, there is a big chance that the patient would suffer from exposure to water or saliva. However, choosing a bib with too much absorbency might cause problems because it will prevent any wetness from being absorbed into the bib. This means that the fluid would still be on the patient's skin, and it might cause further irritation to your patient. To prevent this from happening, we should choose a bib with the right amount of absorbency to help ensure maximum comfort and hygiene for the patient. 

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