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Using Nitrile Gloves in Malaysia

Nitrile Gloves Malaysia 101 Guide: Buy Online Here at the Best Price

If you're in the medical field or work in a laboratory, nitrile gloves are essential.  Nitrile gloves Malaysia is a popular topic nowadays due to the increasing number of latex allergies in our society. The use of rubber gloves dates back to before 1894 when Goodyear accidentally boiled a piece of rubber in his factory, and lo and behold; he discovered that it did not harden but was soft and malleable! Since then, there have been many advancements in the rubber industry.

One of the most common types of gloves used in today's society is latex gloves. However, some people are allergic to them, which causes an itchy and uncomfortable sensation when they do use them. However, some alternatives can be used for this problem.

The nitrile glove became its competitor to the latex glove in the 1990s as nitrile is made of synthetic rubber and is latex-free. Nitrile gloves are very durable and puncture-resistant, making them ideal for applications such as medical and dental procedures. They are also resistant to most chemicals and solvents.

The nitrile glove is a popular choice for many people as it is easier to wear and does not irritate their hands due to it being latex-free. 

Nitrile Gloves Malaysia Price Guide

Nitrile gloves are usually more expensive than latex gloves, but you don't have to worry about allergies.  The most common substances used in the production of nitrile gloves are acrylonitrile and butadiene, which is different from the substance that makes up natural rubber latex.  So, people who suffer from latex allergies can still wear nitrile gloves without worrying about their safety.

Nitrile Gloves

Price comparison between nitrile vs latex glove

There is no set price for nitrile gloves because manufacturers use different materials to make them. There are also other types of nitrile gloves with varying thicknesses and lengths.   

Price list for nitrile glove

You can make a comparison of prices using online shopping sites.  You can also buy them in bulk to get a lower price.  Nitrile gloves are usually priced anywhere from RM2 per pair up to RM12, depending on the length and thickness of the glove.

What are FDA Approved Nitrile Gloves?

The nitrile gloves approved by the FDA have been tested and certified to meet the safety requirements for medical use.  These gloves usually have a higher price tag as they undergo more rigorous testing procedures. 

Malaysia has passed regulations requiring that all medical items used by hospitals and laboratories be FDA approved. Many suppliers offer their products through registration under this system, so research before ordering supplies online. All our gloves at Dentopia are FDA approved.

Buy from Nitrile Glove Supplier or Manufacturer in Malaysia

Young Dentist Wearing Gloves

There are many manufacturers of nitrile gloves in Malaysia, but not all stick to the regulations set by the FDA.  To ensure your order comes from one of these reputable companies, contact potential suppliers and ask for certification or verification of their products. When you order from a supplier, make sure the gloves are FDA approved.

Wholesale Price for Nitrile Gloves in Malaysia

If your business uses a lot of nitrile gloves, then it's best to buy wholesale.  Many companies will offer lower prices when placed as a bulk order.  For those who need them immediately, there is usually an additional shipping and handling fee to pay.

However, not all manufacturers sell directly to dealers. At Dentopia, we offer wholesale for anyone who needs nitrile gloves in bulk quantities.  We sell wholesale to companies and distributors who need them for their business.  You can also choose from different types of nitrile gloves, depending on your budget and personal preference.

What are the popular brands of Nitrile Gloves you can buy in Malaysia?

Dentopia is one of the top suppliers of nitrile gloves in the country. We provide a variety of nitrile gloves that meet all safety requirements set by the FDA. We have been supplying quality gloves to businesses for over 5 years! 

Here are the hot selling nitrile gloves brands in Malaysia:

BeeSure Nitrile Gloves

Beesure Nitrile Gloves

BeeSure gloves are designed for superior comfort and easy donning. The ultra-soft nitrile formulation ensures exceptional tactile sensitivity, while the textured fingertips provide an excellent grip under all operating conditions. Beaded cuffs add extra strength and tear resistance, making BeeSure gloves ideal for a wide range of tasks.

Cranberry Nitrile Gloves

Cranberry Nitrile Gloves

Looking for a glove that's both fit and lightweight? Cranberry has you covered with the newest nitrile gloves! These gloves are made with an InSoft formulation, making them more comfortable to wear for extended periods. Plus, the enhanced fingertip texture gives you increased handling and control. So whether you're in a lab or out on a construction site, these gloves will keep you safe and comfortable.

The Pros & Cons of Nitrile gloves

Some of the advantages of using nitrile gloves are that they can be used by healthcare professionals who are allergic to latex and food handlers who are allergic to latex. They are also less likely to cause skin irritations and are more durable than latex gloves.
The disadvantage of nitrile gloves is that they are not biodegradable, meaning they can take a very long time to decompose. They can also be harmful to the environment as they contain synthetic rubber made from petroleum products. Nitrile gloves are also more expensive than latex gloves.
Despite the disadvantages, nitrile gloves remain a popular choice for many people who need to use gloves daily. 

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If you are looking for a nitrile glove supplier in Malaysia, Dentopia is your best choice! We have been supplying quality gloves to businesses for over 5 years, and we offer a variety of nitrile gloves that meet all safety requirements set by the FDA. You can also buy them in bulk to get a lower price. Contact us today for more information!

Common FAQs

  1. Are nitrile gloves from Malaysia safe?
    Yes, nitrile gloves from Malaysia are safe for those with latex allergies.  All of the suppliers and manufacturers mentioned in this article offer products that have been registered with and approved by the FDA. 
  2. Does nitrile mean latex-free?
    Yes. Nitrile gloves are latex-free, which means they do not contain the substance that causes latex allergies.
  3. What is the difference between latex and nitrile gloves?
    Nitrile gloves are made from acrylonitrile and butadiene, while latex gloves are made from natural rubber latex. Nitrile gloves are more durable and less likely to tear than latex gloves. Nitrile gloves also offer better protection against chemicals and solvents. Latex gloves are more elastic than nitrile ones and offer greater fingertips sensitivity. Nitrile gloves are also thicker and less likely to be punctured.
  4. Which is better, latex or nitrile gloves?
    There is no clear winner when it comes to latex vs nitrile gloves.  Each type of glove has its advantages and disadvantages.  It ultimately depends on what you need them for and your specific preferences. The bottom line: both latex and nitrile gloves are good choices, but nitrile gloves may be a better option for those with latex allergies.